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Movmagic X5 High Brightness Touch Screen Video Switcher

7 Ratings
  • High Brightness Portable Touch Screen Video Switcher
  • 5.5 inch 1800 nits high brightness touch screen screen
  • 2 channel HDMI input, 1* HDMI output+ 1* USB-C output
  • Wifi+ USB+ HDMI upstream

Movmagic M1 Compact 4-Channel HDMI Streaming Video Switcher

11 Ratings
  • Mini Video Switcher, easy to carry
  • 5-inch full HD wide color gamut LCD screen
  • 4-channel HDMI input, 2* HDMI PGM output, 1*UVC output
  • Support T-Bar switching, support up to 30 kinds of switching effects

Univiso UV100 Pro 5G Live Video Bonding Transmitter

Call for Price
Key Feature
  • 10 Bonding Interface
  • 4 SIM, 4 USB Ports, Wifi, Lan
  • 1 HDMI and SDI Input, 1 HDMI Loop Out
  • H264, HEVC

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